When Sex Becomes Spiritual, It Becomes Love.

When Sex Becomes Spiritual, It Becomes Love.

…”It is only spiritual sex that can be called love…

…”There are profound depths in the experience of sex, depths to which a person does not normally reach. There are three levels of the experience of sex and I wish to speak to you about them now.

“One level of sex is physical, completely physiological…The primary experience of sex is never deeper than on the physical level, and those who stop there never attain the whole experience of sex. They simply cannot know the depths about which I have been speaking. And the majority of people have stopped at the physical level….

“The second level is psychological – of the mind, of the heart. For couples who fall in love and then get married, their experience of sex goes a little deeper than the physical level. Their sex is at the heart level; it reaches the psychological depth….

“Stability is possible on the physical level, on the psychological level it is very difficult. But the experience of sex is deeper on the psychological level, and therefore the experience of sex in the West has been more profound than in the East. Whatever the psychologists of the West, from Freud to Jung, have written about sex, relates to this psychological level of sex….

…”But the sex I am talking about is of level three, which up to now has not been born in the East nor in the West. That third level of sex is of the spiritual level….

…”A husband and wife, a man and a woman who can meet on the spiritual level even once feel they have become one for endless lifetimes to come. There are no changes there. The stability of this level is what is needed; the experience of this level is what is needed.

“The experience I am talking of, the sex I am talking about is spiritual sex. I want to bring in a spiritual meaning to sex. And if you comprehend what I am saying, you will realize that the mother’s love for her child is also a part of spiritual sex. You will say that this is an absurd statement…what possible sexual relation can there be between a mother and her child?

“As I told you, a man and a woman, a husband and wife meet for a moment and their souls also become one for that moment. The bliss they experience in that split moment is what binds them together. But did you ever give it a thought that the child remains in the mother’s womb for nine months and during this period its existence is one with that of the mother? The husband unites with the wife for a brief moment and the child is one with her for nine months. That is why the intimacy that a mother has with her son is not possible even with her husband; it cannot be. The husband meets her only for a moment at the existential level, where the being is, and then they fall apart. They come close for a moment and then begins the distance of miles.

“But the child in the womb breathes the mother’s breath; his heart throbs through the mother’s heart. The child is one with the blood and the life of the mother: he has no individual existence yet; he is still a part of the mother. This is why no woman is fully content without becoming a mother. No man can fulfill a woman as much as a child can; no husband can ever give his wife the deep contentment the child can give her. A woman never feels complete unless she becomes a mother. The full splendor and beauty of her personality manifests only when she becomes a mother. The relationship of a woman’s being is very deep with her child.

“And this is also the reason, remember this, that as soon as a woman becomes a mother her interest in sex becomes less. Have you taken note of it? She has tasted a deeper drink – of motherhood. She doesn’t have that much juice anymore for sex. For nine months she has co-existed with another throbbing new being, now she has little attraction to sex. Often times the husband is bewildered by his wife’s apathy, because his becoming a father does not bring any change in him, but her becoming a mother brings a basic change in her….

“Why is a woman so gratified after she has become a mother? It is because she has experienced sex on a spiritual level with her child….

“So, what I am saying to you is that the relationship between a mother and her child is that of spiritual sex, and the day the relationship of spiritual sex is born between a woman and a man, between a wife and her husband, the mother and son relationship has been again established. And once that is established, what I called contentment is experienced. And it is from this contentment that celibacy happens. So, do not think that there is no sex at all in the relationship of mother and child. There is spiritual sex in it….

…”And to say it correctly, it is only spiritual sex that can be called love. It is love. The moment sex becomes spiritual, it becomes love.

  Read more for free at the Online Library: Osho, From Death to Superconsciousness. Chapter #5 The Diamond beyond Sex.

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