Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion

Let your meditation be more and more of movement…

For example, running can be a beautiful meditation, swimming can be a beautiful meditation or dancing can be a beautiful meditation. Awareness has to be added to movement. Movement plus awareness: that is the formula for you. Run, but run with perfect awareness; keep alert.

It is natural and easy to keep alert while you are in movement. When you are just sitting silently the natural thing is to fall asleep. When you are lying on your bed it is very difficult to keep alert because the whole situation helps you to fall asleep. But in movement, naturally you cannot fall asleep. You function in a more alert way. The only problem is that the movement can become mechanical. You may be just running mechanically. You may become an expert, a professional runner; then there is no need for alertness. The body goes on running like a mechanism, an automaton; then you miss the point.

Never become an expert in running. Remain an amateur so that alertness can remain. If you feel sometime that running has become automatic, drop it. Try swimming. If it becomes automatic, then dance. The point to remember is that the movement is just a situation to create awareness. While it creates awareness it is good; if it stops creating awareness then it is of no use any more. Change to another movement where you will have to be alert again. Never allow any activity to become automatic.

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