Nailbiters Anonymous

Nailbiters Anonymous

When there is too much energy and you don’t know what to do with it, so you start biting your nails or smoking cigarettes. It is the same – biting the nails or smoking cigarettes. One starts doing anything just to remain engaged; otherwise the energy is there and it is too much to bear.

When people condemn it, that “this is nervousness” – then more repression happens. You are not even free to bite your nails! The nails are yours and you are not even allowed to bite your nails. Then people find cunning ways – chewing gum…. Those are subtle ways: nobody will object too much. If you are smoking a cigarette nobody will object too much. Now, biting the nails is less harmful – in fact not harmful at all. It is a harmless joy. It looks a little ugly and looks a little childish, that’s all. And you are trying not to do it.

You have to learn to live more energetically, that’s all, and all these things will disappear. Dance more, sing more, swim more, and go for long walks. Use your energy in creative ways. Move from the minimum to the maximum. Live life more intensely. If you are making love then make wild love, not just ladylike – that means at the minimum. A “lady” means one who lives at the minimum, or does not really live but only pretends to. Be wild! And now you are no longer a child so you are allowed to be a nuisance in your own place. Jump and sing and jog.

Just try this for a few weeks and you will be surprised: nail biting disappears on its own. Now you have far more interesting things to do – who bothers about the nails? But always look at the cause and never be too concerned with the symptom.

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